Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We are Family

My friend's daughter took some family photos for us last week. Here is a random sampling of them.

All my kids
Ethan, Jessica, Brandi, Trevor, Matt, Donovan, Jake

Ben, Brandi, Trevor, Jake
Ethan, Jess, Me, Matt, Donovan

Me and all the kids

Me and Jordan

Kristina, Jordan, Donovan, Hunter

Me and the grandbabies
Hunter, Me, Jordan

                               Giving my missionary a kiss                           

We took some pictures by a waterfall and some with Kristina and the grandkids with everyone, but there was a small problem with Arica's camera and those didn't turn out. Too bad because it will be probably 6 years before we will all be together again for a family picture.

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eloise said...

Love your pictures Sandra. Would love to see you all sometime. If you come this way this summer stop and swim. Love ya,

Karlene said...

Great photos. We haven't done family pics in over 10 years. Need to do that soon. You've inspired me.

Sandra said...

Thanks Aunt Eloise. Maybe we will be able to come down sometime soon.

Karlene- don't you have a perfect reason/time coming up soon? Like this weekend?

Anna Maria Junus said...

You have a beautiful family.