Friday, June 11, 2010

Chasing Twilight Contest

I have been having a blast taking a break from regular life to join Karlene on her virtual road trip to Forks, WA. You can see pictures of the fun I have been having here and here. Really, it is so relaxing to not have to worry about doctor's offices and medicine and blood draws. And the scenery is so beautiful. Much more beautiful than the decor in the doctor's office.

Or the office of the phlebotomist. 6 viles of blood! Really? If I am going to get punctured and have that much blood drawn, shouldn't it be by a vampire? Oh, but when I looked in the mirror this morning it actually looked as if I had been bitten by a vampire. A one fanged vampire, but vampire none the less. Really. See the picture over on Karlene's blog. She wouldn't let me leave without a picture. I would like to know just exactly what went on while I was sleeping.

Oh, but you wanted a trivia question in order to be entered in the extravaganza and a chance for today's prize, a bracelet inspired by Eclipse and painted by me? OK, here you go:

Imagine you are going shopping with one of the characters from Eclipse, then go visit my etsy shop and look around.
Come back here and tell me who you took and what both of you would purchase.

To be entered you must:

Post the answer to my question in the comments of this post by midnight, Saturday, June 12

· Send an E-MAIL including your full name and mailing address with Sandra/Bangles Beads N' Baubles in the subject line. This is only to help expedite the shipping of prizes. None of your info will be shared and it will all be trashed as soon as the contest is over.

· Winner will be chosen from those with the correct answer, using

· Winner must live in or have a ship-to address in the U.S. [or wherever you’re willing to ship to]. (If you live out of the country, you're welcome to have me send it to someone stateside as a gift from you.)

· Missed the deadline? You can still win the Grand Prize. Leave your answer in the comments section here to earn your points, then go here to sign up for the Grand Prize. 

Indeed. add to kirtsy


Karlene said...

If Alice went shopping, I think she'd pick two bracelets:

POLKA DOTS--black with light pink dots


CHA, CHA (which she'd give to Bella to perk up her wardrobe)

brendajean said...

I'd take Rosalie (so I could slap her) because she is gorgeous and knows about fashion. She'd pick cha-chai it's flashy like her. I'd pick the Polka Dots, 'cause it's cool:)

Kristina said...

I would take Jacob because he would be honest with me if it looked good or not! I would pick th Kristina.

Suan said...

i went shopping with edward and alice....

alice picked the cha cha ( i went shopping and didn't look at anyones post...funny how everyone liked cha cha for alice)

edward picked the paradise because it reminded him of florida and how he wished he had gone with me instead of bella (ha ha)

Suan said...

i forgot...
edward bought me the kristina
because he knows daisies are my favorite flowers

Cami said...

I went shopping by myself, because it was sunny out....therefore, I picked Blue Butterfly because it caught my eye and wouldn't let go. I love butterflies because life is precious to them, they don't live forever, just 2 - 4 weeks. :-)