Friday, June 18, 2010

A ittle story

First- the winner of the bracelet is Cami! Cami I have put that in the mail, so look for it in the next couple of days.
Second- Yes, Noelle, I will braid your hair. I sent you an e-mail so we can work out the details

Now, the blog post.

Once upon a time a girl needed to renew her driver's license.  Because she has a medical condition, she has to have her doctor sign a paper saying it is under control and she is fine to drive. So, she made an appointment with the doctor so he could sign the paper.  She also had a little growth on her neck, a sort of mutated skin tag and thought she would have him look at it while she was there and probably have him take it off. (and he would probably send it for a biopsy because she did grow up in Southern NM and had numerous sunburns and being fair skinned and all...)

The dr. came in the room and signed the paper. Then he took one look at the growth and said, "Um, I want that biopsied. It looks like squameous cell sarcoma to me." Unfortunately the girl knew what those words meant.  So he stuck a needle in her neck to numb it and then sliced the thing out and sent it for a biopsy.

While he was doing that, the girl decided to ask him about a few other things that were annoying her.  He sent her for a bunch of blood tests to figure out the problem.

Unfortunately she hadn't studied for any tests because while it turns out that the biopsy was benign, she, however is broken. And had to have more tests. Turns out she is even more broken than the dr. first thought because she failed the sescond test.

Apparently she has lived with so much stress causing too much adrelaline to be in her body all the time and she is worn out.

She also does not go outside very often because the sun makes her physically ill so she also has next to no vitamin D in her system. So the dr. gave her a prescription for a high mega-dose of vitamin D twice weekly and told her to go outside more. He also gave her a diet (read that as a way of eating, not a weight loss mechanism) to follow, which is pretty much the way she has been eating for the last year. She does not understand why, when she is doing everything right, she is still broken.

Oh, and did you know that in Utah when the DMV asks you to bring in your birth certificate, they don't really want your birth certificate? They want the state certification of birth and when you take your actual birth certificate in they will tell you that you should have checked the new state laws on the website because they don't have time to add another sentence to the renewal letter letting people know they will no longer accept the actual birth certificate. When you ask how many people they turn away every day because of this, he will tell you that it is almost 1/2 of the people that come in each day.   Whatever. Lucky for me I had the actual certification of birth at home in a folder. I just had to drive the 20 miles home to retrieve it. But I still made it back to get Brandi from soccer training with 30 minutes to spare.

Speaking of soccer, can you believe that I wish I had cable so I could watch World Cup Soccer matches? What a difference a year makes.

We are going to watch Toy Story 3 tonight. Brandi wants to see it in 3D, but that is something else that is broken- I can't see 3D. Can I see the movie without the glasses and not get a headache? Because in the past without the glasses, or with the glasses, I would get a headache.

And despite all of that today this is how I am feeling.

Indeed. add to kirtsy


Noelle said...

I wish I could fix all that is broken. And you don't need more stress added by having to braid my hair...seriously!

Karlene said...

You feel a chipmunky cheery because it's finally summer here.

Cami said...

Lol! Way to fight everything off with the Chipmunk Cheery Theory!!! You may have a lot that is broken, but not your mind or heart! Hang in there! Thanks for the bracelet! I am in Vegas right now, but Scott is home and called me last night to tell me I had a package from Sandra. He's a VERY suspicious child. He said, "mom, if you aren't completely sure who this is from, let me open it." Maybe he just wanted to open mail! Lol! Anyway, thanks again, I can't wait to see it in true life! I hope that all that has been broken is soon mended. :-)