Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Name That Tune

Do you ever hear a song and just love it? And then you want to hear it again and again and when you get in the car you hope the radio station is playing it or plays it while you are driving? Ya, me too.  I don't know how you listen to the radio in the car, but this is the way I do it.

I have 6 buttons for stations, and I can program each button to 2 different stations. I push button 1 once and it plays station 1. I push it again and it switches to station 7. So button 2 plays stations 2 and 8 and so on.  When I am in the car, if a song comes on the radio that I don't like or don't want to hear, (or that long string of stupid boring commercials comes on) I just hit a button until I find a song I like.

(I really hate it when it is commercial time on all the stations at once, don't you?)

{And all my stations are not one genre of music either. I am pretty eclectic when it comes to music. If you were to scan my iPod you would find anything from MoTab to Micheal Buble to George Strait, to Journey, some Mica, Buddy Holly, Jim Brickman, Jim Reeves, Daughtry the Scriptures and even some Train. So the chances of me finding something I like is fairly high.}

But then there comes a time that the song that you like is playing on more than one station at a time. Sweet!

Until the day that you realize that you have been in the car for one half hour and heard the song 3 times already. And that you have heard it every single time you turned on the car that day. And you catch yourself humming along with the song while you are doing homework and the kids are watching t.v.  Wait! T.V.? That's not fair you know, now they are using that song for commercials and you begin to feel that if you hear that song one more time... tonight... you are going to scream. (and just typing this has put the song in my head)

And even those of you that are thinking that you have never heard this song, trust me, if you have seen or heard a commercial in the last two months for anything that Samsung makes, you have heard this song.

Why do stations do that? Play a popular, well liked song to death? I liked the song, but now it drives me bonkers when ever I even hear the opening notes. And I am sure that someday I will like it again, but in the mean time I am liking a couple new favorite songs- unitl they play them to death as well.

Or maybe even this one

Or anything by him- this particular one makes me realize how much I miss dancing. I remember dancing to this song when I was first in college- eons and eons ago it seems now. It is great for creative cha-cha choreography. Oh, now I want to go find a play or something to choreograph.

See, I told you,  its not that hard to find something I like. And if I were to post this tomorrow the list would be totally different. Lifehouse, Rascall Flatts, Flatt and Scruggs, Ricky Scaggs...

(and I know these are not new songs, but they are the ones I am finding myself hunting for on my playlist right now.  And someone took my Buble CDs out of my car but no one is fessing up. I am a bit perturbed about it, too. I hope it wasn't the guy who fixed my car a couple weeks ago.)

Indeed. add to kirtsy


Karlene said...

So right now, my favorite song is Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde. It's weird and eerie and catchy--all at the same time. But I'm hoping I get sick of it soon.

Sandra said...

I know what you mean. I noticed that Train is scheduled to be on America's got Talent tonight. Brandi watches that and I am kinda glad I will be in class because I know they are gonna sing Soul Sister and I am sooooo sick of it I would have to turn the channel.

Cami said...

What's worse for me, is when someone in my house starts singing some silly, stupid little ditty and when I FINALLY force them to stop....I can't get it out of my head! SO annoying! I've especially loved your last two posts! My son and I have taken up fishing....and now FLY fishing. I don't worry about dead bodies so much, as they can't do much to you except haunt you for the rest of your entire life....I'm more concerned about running into a bear. I'm TERRIFIED of that actually. I've heard of a lot of bear sitings lately at Payson Lakes, one in Hobble Creek Canyon and one in OREM! Please be careful on your hiking ventures. You can buy bear spray at Sportsmans Warehouse. Good for you on losing 6 pounds!!!!! That's VERY awesome! :-)