Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A quick List

Have to be at work early this morning so here is just a quick list of my comings and goings.

*I have about 4 book reviews coming in the next week or so. One of them will involve a give away of Josi Kilpack's newest release, Key Lime Pie. The give away post will involve cooking, so start thinking of your favorite location recipe

*Yesterday my third child, Trevor, turned 21!  And as my dad said, it is weird to say welcome to adulthood to someone that has worn a Marine uniform and spent a year in a war combat zone.

*The person at work that was spreading untrue gossip at me has already started again this year- and it has only been 5 days of school. Honestly, does she really have nothing better to do than critique how I do my job? Because if that is true, she needs to find a new job because I have not had a chance to sit down once this week and some days there was no time to eat lunch.

*Jacob got bitten by a spider last night as he was getting in bed. We seem to have more spiders in the basement this year. Does that mean a long cold winter? I hope not. But I do know that I am going to have to spray for spiders. Unless someone can tell me a better way to keep them outside.

*I really need to get on the Hunger Games reading wagon. Maybe in October

*Only 5 more weeks of course work before I start my internship. Graduation in May! and internship is shaping up to be busy but great. In fact the counselors have already given me a lot to do so I am grateful. (I can do 100 of my 600 hours before internship actually starts)

* I miss hiking in the mornings. I haven't been able to do much more than yoga this past week but I am hoping that I can get a set schedule by next week so I can start walking/hiking again. Maybe Tuesday/Thursday early evenings and some Saturdays.  maybe. I really don't want to go straight treadmill until it snows.

*Soccer season officially started last Saturday. That is one reason I haven't made it walking- Practice and games. But it is shaping up to be a good season- if the girls can stop horsing around and get down to business.

*Gotta run or I will have to go to work with no makeup.

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Cami said...

I just started the second book in the Hunger Games series. For some reason, these books remind me of something quirky that Stephen King would write...minus the blood and gore of course. Well,...then again. Hmmmm. I don't know. When you have time to read them, I'm interested to know what you think!