Sunday, September 19, 2010

This I Know

Today when I got up I was thinking about what I could use for my post today. I was really hoping and praying that something at church today would strike me in a different way, would become clearer to me and be something I could tell you about. Something did happen at church today, but it is not what I want to tell you. I will just tell you it first.

President Barbra B. Beck spoke in our ward today. We have a new family in our ward and they were our speakers. The husband's mom came to sit with the little kids while their parents spoke. Grandma just happened to be Sister Beck. I was wondering what it would be like to not be able to even go visit your children without giving a talk because if you are a general authority or a member of one of the general presidencies you just know you will be invited to "say a few words" and if you are a general authority you will have to sit on the stand- not your family.

Anyway, back to what I know today.

While I was getting dressed I turned on the t.v. to listen to a conference talk or devotional while I was getting ready. I like to do that to help get me in the right frame of mind for church, especially if I have had a not good morning. When I turned the t.v. on I am not sure what channel it was tuned to, but there was some kind of preacher giving a sermon to an auditorium of people. Usually I turn the channel right away but something he said caught my attention. He was talking about rebellion to the Lord's commandments. I think he was in the book of Acts but I am not sure. He had just finished reading a passage of scripture and he referenced Saul/Paul but it could have been any number of other places than Acts.

Anyway, he was talking about rebellion and this is what he said- "Partial obedience is disobedience and rebellion. The definition of rebellion is unacceptance and defience toward authority. It is an attempt to circumnavigate the rules."
He went on to say that when he reads the passage of scripture he had just read (before I joined in) that he was reminded to look at his own life and see what it was that he was doing or not doing to rebel against the Lord.

And what I know today is this. No matter how often I rebel by not obeying the Lord 100% in His commands , He is willing to give me another chance and I can try again. Even when what is important to Him is not immediately important to me and I justify why I don't do something. He still gives me another chance to learn and understand the importance.

And I am thankful that He does.

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