Tuesday, September 21, 2010


*School counselors have to go to a lot of meetings. I think I have spent more time in meetings the last 3 weeks than I have the last 3 years.

*I am not sure I like my new washer's water saving load sensor setting. I don't think there is enough water to get my clothes clean. My towels are starting to look dingy. I think I will only use the setting when I am washing only 1-2 things- like Brandi's uniform.

* I do like the fact that the tub doesn't get unbalanced when I need to wash only a couple of things- like Brandi's uniform.

* I need to take Brandi's braids out. I am not looking forward to that 4-5 hour process. Especially since I will then have to take another 2-3 hours to do something else with it.

*Anyone know how to merge two Xcell documents into one? I need to do that for a data project for the counseling department review. I have about 6 files I need to merge into one.

*Counselors alos do a lot of data projects. Sometimes it feels like we spend so much time proving that we are doing our job that we can't do our job.

*I am glad I am not a teenager right now. So much stress and pressure. Or maybe that is just all the students in my portiion of the alphabet.

*Maybe I'll tell you about them sometime. But the names will have to be changed and all that, you know?

*I'm tired and going to go to bed.

*You know how long it has been since I went to bed before 11 p.m.? 

* 2 1/2 years. That's how long.

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eloise said...

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