Thursday, November 4, 2010

No review- again

I told one of my friends that I was going to post my review of The Hunger Games trilogy. Yea, that is not happening tonight.

Brandi has had a cold and now I have it and have a splitting headache.

Yesterday when we got to school, we were informed that one of our students had died late the evening before. And ethically, legally and morally, that is all I can tell you about the student.

But I can tell you that it was a rather stress filled day. We had the internet safety/pornography prevention presentation to give to the health classes. But we had students coming into the office needing help with processing their feelings and dealing with finding out that their friend/classmate/fellow student had died. The full time counselors called the health teacher and told her that they could not do the presentataion. She had no lesson plans and was not sure what to do with her class.

Normally during this presentation- which is 70 minutes long, one counselor gives the first half and then another one takes over. I gave both parts during my practicum last year and gave both parts in different classes earlier this week. When I found out, I suggested that I give the presentation to the classes because I knew both parts and was comfortable giving it, and then the other counselors could deal with the students. The teacher was happy, the counselors was happy, the students got the information they needed and I got hours done and practice done and helped out.

The counselors gathered up the student's close friends and students in the student's ward and held two seperate group sessions to help them. Most of those students went home afterward. School today was rather subdued and quiet.

That is not all that happened yesterday. No, during the first presentation, before the announcement was made to the school, the counselors were doing the presentation and a girl passed out- nothing to do with the presentation, she hadn't eaten breakfast and she was sick and just passed out. Lucky for her I am a first responder and was right there. She went home with her father.

Then later in the day when a group was coming back from a field trip, two of the students didn't get back on their bus but two other students traded onto that bus and didn't tell anyone. While the original two were off getting something to eat- without telling anyone- the bus left because there were the correct number of students on it. They were half way home when someone discovered the girl's purse and the chaperone realized she was not on the bus. The chaperone on the other bus never realized that they were missing two students! The missing students did get home safely about 1/2 hour later when a friend brought them back to school.

I came home from work, got ready and went to class. By the time I got home I was exhausted and emotionally drained. So I went to bed. I woke up with this headache and stuffy nose. Today I made bread and butter pickles. I have about 30lbs of cucumbers and have barely made a dent in the box. I will finish the rest tomorrow because right now this headache is overwhelming me and I am tired and writing a decent, well thought out review would be more than I can muster right now.

So I am headed to bed where I am going to finish reading Maze Runner by James Dashner and then go to sleep.

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