Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Spy a little Christmas

You've seen these books. My kids and I love these books. We can pour over them for hours looking and searching and trying to find the hidden things from the riddles and then we go back and try to find the things from the lists in the back of the books.  I even found a small board book of I Spy Christmas that I used to let my kids take to church. I should get that out for Jordan and Hunter to "read" when they are here....
I have had an idea coasting around in my head for a while now. I stopped into Micheals today on the way home from the rheumatologist's office.
I was looking for a special container to hold some stuff. (it's Christmas time, I can't be more specific)
Micheals was having a sale. 60% off stuff.

This really cute lighted Christmas bear just jumped into my cart. His price tag said $69.99
His sale tag said $19.99
At the register the cashier gave me a coupon to use on him.
He cost me $10.
I'll show you a picture of him when I take a picture of my outside decorations later tonight
But I digress in my story of my trip to Micheals this morning.

So, while perusing the aisles of marked way down stuff
I came across a cute little wodden snowman
and my I Spy idea took root and sprouted

I picked up this jewlery tray
(only thing I got that wasn't on sale
I have another idea, but this
worked for the currently
sprouting idea)

they came in gold, red, and white as well
but this was what I wanted today

I then got gobs of way marked down stuff
See those cute snowmen in the middle right?

Gobs of wooden cutouts
(most of their Christmas ones were
not stocked, but I made it work)

Then I went home
opened all the packages
got my wire cutters out
snipped and arranged some more
called Jess to come give me her opinion
she helped me rearrange again

Then I heated up the glue gun
glued, and glued and glued
And this is what I made
(instead of cleaning out my sewing room- again)

My original idea was to get a shadow box divide it into 26 sections and do an alphabet I spy box. I still want to do that, and I want to do a dinosaur one for Hunter and a princess one for Jordan and soccer for Brandi and music for the boys and, and, and....

You can see where this is going can't you? I am going to spend the next year hunting for little nativity things and make a nativity one for next Christmas. This was so fun. I think I might make some and start selling them in my etsy shop.

And I have another idea as well. I got it from this that my kids love and the Christmas idea  here.

(and speaking of nativities, am I the only one disappointed by the lack of nativities in stores this year?? What's up with that?)

Indeed. add to kirtsy


tawnya said...

We are clearly not going to the same stores. I saw more nativities this year than I ever have before...everywhere.

Sandra said...

Really? Deseret Book is the only place I saw any and it just is not in my budget to pay hundreds of dollars for one. Where did you see them?

tawnya said...

Literally everywhere. Target, Pier One, I'm pretty sure I saw one in Borders even...

(Deseret Book...I really should remember that exists sometimes!)

Sandra said...

I searched Target more than once and even asked- not a single nativity. I haven't looked in Pier One this year. Hmmm.

And no villages either. anywhere.

Dad Mom said...

I have seen very few nativity sets this year. NO VILLAGES anywhere that I can find, and no accessories. I like to add some every year, but not this this year. Love Mom