Saturday, December 11, 2010

Parade of Homes- Gingerbread style

Sunday we had a marathon house building session


It was a blast. After we were done, we went outside to see Grandma's trees sing to music.

Then after the kids went home, I had Jessica take some pictures of all the houses for the contest. And since no one else sent in any pictures, this is it for our parade of Gingerbread houses.
In the comment section vote for your favorite:
*Best use of candy
*Most Creative
*Overall Favorite








Indeed. add to kirtsy


LDS_Publisher said...
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Karlene said...

How fun! This was hard to pick.

*Best use of candy: #4

*Most Creative: #7

*Overall Favorite: #6

Cami said...

Good luck handing out prizes! All were cute and kids and I are stuck between #4 and #6! We made one, just for fun, but as you know by my very boring, illustration-less blog, I have no idea how to put pictures on. Once I do, I will probably never write again...just post pictures! Anyway, we participated, and it was fun and turned out cute. In fact, I'm thinking we'll do another before Christmas comes..... :-)