Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What to Wear

4 1/2 weeks!! That is all that is left until graduation! I cannot believe it has gone so fast. I have written almost 100 papers, given that many presentations, taken a few tests, passed a 4 hour licensing exam and counseled students for over 600 hours.

All that is left is  two logs  to fill out and one paper to write and five class periods to attend then a walk across a stage and it is over, I will graduate with a Master's degree in School Counseling.  And finding a job to help pay off the student loans, feed and house my kids and move on with my life.

Well, that and finding something to wear for graduation.

I have narrowed it down to a few things, but I need to decide in the next day or two so if I am going to order one of them I can do it this week.  My nephew is getting married that same day and I am assuming I will be invited so the choices I made were made with the idea that I will have a gown, and a hood on and be in a room full of people and it will probably be hot and that right after the graduation we will probably head north to the wedding celebration so I want it to be something that will look good there as well.

So here are my choices and reasons for choosing them:

This outfit I chose because I can do the pants and top with or without the jacket or do it with the skirt, again with or without the jacket. It also come in a tan with a pinstripe in the orange or just tan so I could mix and match the different pieces and colors. I fgured out that if I got all the pieces in all the colors and the top I could do over 30 combinations. A couple different tops and I wouldn't need any other clothes!
I really chose this one because the skirt with the top and no jacket is kinda dressy but if I add the jacket I can wear it to work.

I could pair this one with a white jacket (with a mandarin collar, which I have) a black jacket or any other color jacket or cardigan. It would work for church or work and sheaths are really my favorite dress and they look great on me and make me look good. 

Work or church and I love red and look great in it
(and the rouching will hide the fact that I have made
some bad food choices and haven't
been on the treadmill as much as I should have)

Again I can wear it to work and I just love the look of this suit

 Again work and church, great lines and coloring

Have I mentioned that I like suits?

And sheathes

I have no idea when I would ever wear this again
but I think it would be a fun dress to wear to celebrate

I just love this one. I probably wouldn't wear it to work
but it is cute

A suit, red, peplum over a sheath
Who could ask for more?

I will be getting these shoes. My grandmother Swapp had a pair almost like them. She bought them in the 50s, I think, from Montgomery Ward, I think. She gave them to me when I was in high school and I loved, loved, LOVED them and wore them until the leather on the sides split and could no longer be repaired. (Karen Allen wears a white pair in Raiders of the Lost Ark) I have been looking for a pair for about 20 years now. 

While I want black to replace Grandma's I also kind of want white but I will probably get the nude color because they go with everything and make the leg look longer. ( I really wish they came in red)
Now I just need to decide what to wear.

Indeed. add to kirtsy


Kristina said...

i vote for the last suit with the red and the jacket to go over it!

Jeri said...

I think you would be really happy with the last one - RED sheath with jacket. my other choice is the 3rd from the bottom, the fun black one. who cares where else you would wear it. it is FUN and CUTE and you're only going to graduate with your masters in counseling ONCE!!! YOU have totally EARNED anyone of these outfits! WAY TO GO!!!!

Noelle said...

You'll look beautiful, no matter what you choose. I'm so proud of you!!!