Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So I got lost on the posting.  I had to work a couple of late nights closing at the store and those nights are killer. Target closes at 11:00 p.m. and I have to stay checking out the customers that are still in the store and ignore the "Target is closing" announcement. Then I get the privilege of cleaning up all the register aisles that the cashiers haven't had time to straighten up because people just keep coming and coming and coming and letting their kids pull things off the hooks and throw them on the floor. Then when that is done I get to help put away clothing, or electronics, or garden stuff, or (my least favorite) toys. Only when the store is completely clean can we leave. So it is 12:30ish before I get home. Then I get to get up and be the mom or go back to work or whatever.  Long story short, I have been to exhausted and hurting to even think about blogging.

I had a day off today. I also had an interview for a counseling position. I feel pretty good about the interview, but it was only their second day of interviews so it will be probably 2+ weeks before I hear one way or the other. (please, please, please let this be the one) Then Jess and I went and looked at cars for her because hers really and truly died- an unfixable death. Or a very expensive to fix just as well get a new one death.  Then I worked some more on a quilt so I can get all of that cleaned up and out of my way.

So tonight I think I can write one of the 30 days of blogging posts. How about the one where I write a letter to someone?

Dear Target Guests,

Thank you for shopping at Target, because if you didn't I wouldn't have a summer job. But there is something I don't understand- How can so many people need so much stuff all day long every day, day after day?  But I guess I am glad they do so I can pay most of my bills.

I appreciate that you are keeping me employed, but can I ask a couple of favors of you?

First, know that as a cashier I am graded by how fast I complete your transaction. Grading starts from the moment I scan your first item and ends when I hit total and tell you the amount.  If you put one item from your cart on the conveyer and then stand and talk to your friend on the phone, I am going to wait until you unload your cart to start becuase I need to be above 88% to keep my job and my personal goal each day, (that I have to write down for my boss), is 95%.

On the subject of  unloading your cart. If you don't want your batteries bagged with your eggs or marshmellows and if you want all of you clothes bagged together and all of your canned goods together, then give them to me that way. I don't have someone standing at the end of the aisle bagging for me, I have to bag it all myself. I also only have one open bag at a time in which to put things. So if you put the marshmellows, a shirt, a package of batteries, your eggs, dish soap, a can of beans, a loaf of bread, 3 gallons of milk, a 24 pack of soda, 3 shirts, peaches, 6 more cans, tomatoes, shoes, motor oil, a white skirt, corn, grapes, another loaf of bread, on  the belt in that order, that is the order I am going to have to bag it. Or you can go home with a lot of bags with next to nothing in them. Or I can slow down and try to pick and choose how to best bag your items. You didn't put it in your cart in that random order, don't give it to me in that random order. If you put like items together it makes your checkout so much smoother and helps my frustration level.  Oh, and if you bring your own reusable bags, don't wait to tell me until I have 6 bags full. Put them on the belt first. (and thank you for using them)

If you chose to shop using the little hand basket, it is ok to unload it onto the conveyer belt and then leave the basket behind your stuff. It slows me down to have to reach up and over into the basket and gives me bruises where my arm hits the edge.

If you put something in your cart and then later decided you don't want it, that is ok. Just tell me and I will put it in my abandons bin and then someone comes by and picks them up and puts them away. No problem. And I won't think you are dumb or whatever for changing your mind. We have all done it. But if you take the time to hide it back behind the gum or candy, well....

Speaking of gum and candy- please, please, please don't let your kids pull everything off of the shelves and hooks and then shrug your shoulders at me and say, "What are you going to do?" And when your kid is screaming his head off begging for candy, or that toy or whatever and you say no and he screams even louder? Don't give in and then shrug your shoulders at me and say "What are you going to do?" Because I won't tell you, because I would probably lose my job, but know that you have just taught your child to be irresponsible and that in order to get his way he has to scream, yell and pretty much be a bully and in a few years we will be having this conversation in my other office and it won't be pretty because I won't be bullied and your child will take whatever the consequenses of his current action warrant. Better for him to learn it in the aisles of Target when the choice is just a candy bar.

One more thing, when you get to the check out counter, could you please get off of your phone. I have things I need to ask you and talk to you about, and I can't do that if you are ignoring me and fighting with your husband, yelling at your kids, planning a party with your girlfriend or whatever. Don't get mad at me for interrupting your phone conversation- I have to ask you if you want to save 5% on this and future purchases by opening a Target card, I have to ask you if you knew that your eggs were cracked, or if you were aware that your yougurt was open, and tell you your total, or that your card was rejected, or that the card reader needs you to give it more information. Don't yell at me when you can't enter your PIN correctly because you are busy talking on your phone, or when you answer the last question with a no when you really meant yes because now you have to start you payment transaction all over again because you just told it that you wanted to pay 2 ways and you really wanted to pay only 1 but you can't swipe the same card again on the same transaction. Not My Fault- get off your phone and pay attention to your life.

To the customers that talk to me politely, that bring their own bags and tell me at the beginning, tell your kids no and mean it, have polite, well behaved children, and are nice- Thank you for shopping at Target, you make my day easier and I really, really appreciate you.

Have a good day,


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