Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Stuff

* I was just getting ready to write- "when do you let your  daughter start wearing make-up. Brandi is 12 and starting Junior High school this year. Do I broach the subject or wait for her?"  Brandi walked into my room and asked, "Can I wear make-up? That stuff that comes in a yellow tube and you put on your lashes and the stuff you put on your eyes?"
Guess we get some of that stuff when we go shopping in the morning.

*I just went through my closet again. I tried on everything and evaluated how it fit. And if I had even worn it in the last school year more than once.  And discarded another whole large garbage bag full of clothes.  And somehow I still have a closet full of clothes!  But I do still need to replace my black and my grey dress pants.  And my 2 favorite skirt suits need to be replaced because they are too big as well.  My favorite dress is about 2 1/2 sizes too big.  I wonder if my sister could take it in for me and if it would even be worth it?  I really, really like this dress.

* I had a yard sale Saturday. I didn't sell as much as I would have liked to, but I still did pretty good.  And I had the kids' dad bring by his trailer afterward and took out all but the front seats and loaded up the entire suburban, the trailer and the entire back of my durango and hauled it all to D.I. thrift store.  When I came home I found a couple bags of stuff that had gotten buried under other stuff and not set out for the sale or hauled off. That was from a first, quick cleaning of all the rooms in the house. Now I hope to do a more thorough cleansing of each room.

* I really want to paint each room. I want to get rid of all my dishes and start over. And do the same with all the towels, blankets, curtains, and furniture.  I really want to cleanse this house inside and out. But I can't afford to do that, and I don't plan on staying here very much longer. But I can paint and declutter and clean and simplify.

*Target has a program that gives back to education. Right now they are doing a push to have customers sign up for their red card (debit card). Sometimes I feel pushy when I ask guests if they want to sign up. Our store is doing a game for the cashiers so we ask more guests than those that the computer prompts us to ask. (on a side note, if you feel like you would like a Target Red card, let me know and I will get you info- and give you my number to use so I get the credit and another chance to win the prize)

*I love my Target red card. I have had one for almost seven years. I get 5% off of every purchase, online and at the store. (now I also get an employee discount on top of that- sweet. Can you guess where we are shopping for school clothes tomorrow?) Did you know that with a Target red card you can link it to the school of your choice and Target will then donate 1% of your purchase price to that school.  AND that Target has raised over $300,000,000 for schools?

*My yard looks so sad this year. I haven't had time to spend working and clearing and maintaining and weeding. The boys have tried, but they don't love it like I do so- the mowing gets done and partial weeding. My pond is just a standing pool of water this year because I haven't gotten the waterfall running.  Plus it has been so wet this year that the plants are looking water logged and sad.  Maybe next year I'll have a routine and be able to get things done.

*I have to go to the podiatrist for therapy on my toe.  I have been dealing with this toe for almost a year now.  It is still swollen and I can only wear my Sketchers tennis shoes, my keds, and two of my dress flats.  Everything else is too painful.  So now I go in for therapy. The nurse puts four electrode patches on my foot, then hooks me up with wires to a machine and turns it on. I then spend 10-15 minutes with electrical pulses going through my foot. then I get to spen 10 minutes with my foot immersed in a warm water bath.  It feels so good. I could use that kind of therapy on my feet every night before bed. 

* My friend is having a baby.  As in right now.  She is in the hospital waiting to meet her new little one.  But it is kind of a scary time for her because her baby is probably going to have to have the first of many major surgeries in the next couple of days. I wish I could do something for her besides pray, but prayer is all I can do for her, so that is what I am going to do.

*School starts in 20 days and I am so ready to go back and get back into a routine and figure out what the new "normal" is going to be for me and the kids.


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