Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good news/Bad news

Good news- I haven't heard that the job I interviewed for last week is gone
Bad news- I haven't heard back about the job I interviewed for last week

Good news- When I went to the doctor I found out I have lost 25 lbs since last year and he took me off one of my meds
Bad new- The reason I don't feel so great lately? I need surgery to repair some stuff

Good news- the surgeon has an open appointment
Bad news- it isn't until November. Hopefully his surgery schedule will work with my time off work schedule

Good news- I got my room painted and the furniture put back
Bad news- I still haven't sifted through all the boxes of stuff I am not sure I want anymore

Good news- the living room is taped to paint
Bad news- after the doctor today I hurt too much to paint.
(maybe tomorrow the good new will be that my kids did it while I was at work?)
Even worse news- my kitchen is full of stuff from the living room for me to sort through and the basement is full as well. Who knew a house could hold so much junk? It seems the harder I work to clean up the messier it gets.

Good news- I am getting it done, slowly and surely
Bad news- I want it all done before surgery so I can recover in tranquility- will it happen?

Good news- I think I have found my way out of my recent months of funk and can accept my current circumstances for what they are
Bad news- no promises when the circumstances change

Good news- My friend, Noelle? Her baby is doing better
Bad news- she is still in the hospital- pray for her
read her story here

Good news- That little Emily is a fighter and cute as a button
Bad news- there is no bad news to counter that because she is a cutie- so I guess the bad news would be that she is still in the hospital and not at home

Good news- Autumn rain
Bad news- the weatherman used the "s" word for the mountains this week


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