Thursday, November 29, 2012

Don't Feed the Reindeer

There is a door decorating contest at school each year. The prize this year is a $25 gift card from Target.

I had a great idea for my door. And the door of the other counselor and the principal who's office is next to mine.

Last year the teacher that won put a uniform on her door with hoof prints "running" over it and labeled it "8th grader got ran over by a reindeer"

This year she told me that I am her competition.  The judging will be Monday but because I was doing 3 doors and will be at a conference all day tomorrow, I got our doors done today.  Because my doors are done she told me what she is doing this year. She is going to make a snowman and will have pockets on her door with various eyes, noses, mouths and buttons so students can change what the snowman looks like.

Here are the doors I did

The principal's door
The other counselor's door looks like this as well

Don't you love how Rudolph is so casual?
Do, do, do
Sign? What sign?

Now I need to start thinking about what to do next year. Eye spy, Santa's workshop, gingerbread house....


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