Thursday, October 17, 2013


She stands at the precipice and waits
For what 
She is not sure

Move on they say
Be glad they say
Forget they say

But how 
How does 28 years just go away
Forgotten as if it never was

She takes a step
The pain is excruciating

Her heart lays on the ground
Ripped from her
Stomped on
Discarded like yesterday's garbage

In its place
A huge gaping hole
Impossible to be filled
Repaired or fixed ever again

And the tether is unbreakable
Binding forever
Holding her back
Bound to a history that isn't pretty

Friends since before time began
The betrayal paralyzes

So she stands
Afraid to move
The gaping maw of sadness threatens to swallow her up

Left behind by the one that was supposed to take care of her forever
Rejected by those that cared before forever
Wounded, broken, bruised and afraid

And she knows 
She will never be whole again


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