Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Now I Get It

I am decoratively challenged. I always have been. You could give me and my sisters as well as my sister in law, Tammy the same room, same furnishings and knick-knacks, pictures, what have you and theirs would be gorgous and mine would be usable- sort of.

I had an appointment with my rheumatologist in Sandy this morning. Since Ikea is on the way home, I thought I would stop and see what all the fuss is about. Especially since every time I asked my sister, Sharon, where she got this cool knick-knack, that piece of furniture etc she always said, "Ikea". So I stopped.

Now I need to say this, I HATE, HATE, HATE shopping. I will do anything to advoid shopping. Most women like it. I don't. If I have to go shopping, take me to Home Depot and let me get some new tool, or paint or something that I can fix up or plant or redo. That is what I like. Well, after 2 hours in Ikea, I decided that I needed to get home. And I have already planned to go back and what I want to get when I am there.

Today I spent less than $40 and I got:
2 mesh hanging things for my girls to put their stuffed animals/toys in
1 curtain for my kitchen pantry door way + rings to hang it from a rod
1 wooden crate with dividers to set on my kitchen counter to corral all of the pencils and paper and chore list
1 set of small cups for small children
5 small baby toys for when Hunter comes over
1 tub to hold the baby toys when Hunter is not here

Now, I am more of a crystal chandelier and marble tile type of gal, but I did find some furniture there that I liked.
I will be getting a small bookcase and some magazine holders to replace the filing cabinets (and large tub under the piano) in my living room that hold the piano, tuba, saxaphone, trumpet, drum music.

I also have a thing for dishes and chairs. I am proud that I didn't come home with a single dish. It was really hard, though. I am going to clear out my cupboards again this week to make room for those cute purple glass bowls and those small goblets that would be great for orange juice, and they had some mixing bowls, mine are about shot after 22 years of cookie and cakes and bread, and those plates, oh and I need some new trivits and.......

Well, let's just say that I finally get why all the fuss about Ikea and I will be having my sister's go shopping with me and coming to my house to put everything where it should go. And then I will have a beautifuly decorated home, just like they do.


Stephanie Humphreys said...

My sisters have an obsession with Ikea as well. Whenever we take the three hour trip to where the nearest Ikea is, they always plan at least half a day. My only problem is I can buy IKEA stuff, but I still live in the home a decoratively challenged person.

Sandra said...

Oh I know. That is why I am having my sisters come over to the house after the shopping trip. They can put it where it goes. Maybe I should hire them out?

Karlene said...

Hmmm, really? Maybe after I'm done dejunking and have my yard sale, I'll go buy some new junk at IKEA.