Monday, June 18, 2007

Reading list

I promised Karlene that I would have my reading list posted here by last night. However, she gave me a book for my birthday. My birthday is today and she brought me the book on Sat. Do you think that I could wait until today or even until I had posted my reading list to start it? No way on earth that is going to happen. I started it Sat. night and finished it last night. I will put that one on my reading list, because it was going to go on it even before Karlene gave it to me. I was just going to go to the library to check it out though.

Here is the beggining of the list
  • Counting Stars by Michelle Paige Holmes
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling
  • Double Take by Alma J. Yates
  • John Doyle Lee by Juanit Brooks (this is a biography of my great grandfather)

Well, that is a start on what I know I want to read and what I have on hand. I will add to it as the summer progresses and I get to the library.


Karlene said...

Sandra, were you the teacher's pet in grade school? I can't believe you've already read your first book and the Summer Reading Thing doesn't even start until Friday! Maybe we should start calling you Hermione.

Looking forward to hearing what you thought of it, but since it's you picture of the day and you read it 48 hours, I'm thinking it liked it.

Karlene said...

I don't know what is wrong with my computer. When I posted my comment, that last paragraph was totally and completely grammatically correct. Must be the internet gremlins again.