Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Books down

I finished my first book for the Summer Reading Thing. I won't post about it until Friday though, when the summer reading really starts. But I am doing a boutique the rest of the week for my home business, Urban Botanic, and won't be able to do much reading, so I read this book early. Besides, Karlene gave it to me for my birthday, yesterday and what are birthdays for if you can't just sit and read the day away?

Megan says that since I started early I will have to minus one from my list. Maybe I should just add one to my list. Actually, I am going to hit the library after Strawberry Days are over and load up. Then I will post more to my list, so I will choose all the books I want for that trip and then add one for Megan.

Seriously though, I have been looking at everyone's blogs that has signed up and posted a reading list. I am just wanting to include all of those books on my list as well. I really had intended to spend this summer mucking out my house and deep cleaning and throwing away. I am going to have to limit my reading if I plan on getting anything at all done these next few months! I have a couple of real weaknesse and these are what they are:

buying chairs at DI to refurbish
buying cute dishes
Oh, and did I mention reading?

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