Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Break time

I am painting my living room today and tomorrow. Since I am doing 2 different colors, I need to let one wall dry so I can tape it in order to do the other wall the other color. But now I need to do my front entry and hall- but that is ok as they will be the same colors, so I just taped them off yesterday so just have to move the tarp and can keep going. But now my kitchen needs done. I just did it 2 years ago and I liked it, but now it looks blah next to my new bold color. Besides that, my mom says the one wall you can see from the front room should be the same color as color #2 in the living room (the living room wall that is color #2 would make one long wall if connected to the kitchen wall). But if I do that, then the color on the other 3 walls in the kitchen is way, way too pale. (Sharon, what do you suggest? the same color as the living room on those 3?)

Did I mention in my last post that no one ever uses my living room? Well, except to play the piano. So I got a slip cover for my couch so it would not clash with my new wall color. I got white, because no one ever sits on the couch, except once a month when the home teachers come. Well,now people are using my living room and sitting on the couch. The slip cover is in the washing machine today. I think I will go to Wal-Mart and pick up some fabric dye for the slip cover so it is not white anymore. Tan or brown maybe. I'll have to think on it a bit to decide.

Ethan is still coughing, so I called the dr. thinking that he could get in tomorrow sometime. The dr. actually has an openin in 1/2 hour. So I am putting down the paint stick, quickly cleaning up and headed to the dr. office. I'll finish when I come home. It is going to be so nice to finally have my house clean and neat and tidy and looking good as well.

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