Monday, July 30, 2007

Family is great

I love my family. They are the best. Now, not to slight anyone, but I am going to talk about my Mom and my sister, Sharon. But first, let me back up.

I have already mentioned that I am decorationaly challenged. In April I went to Sharon's house. Her house is so cute. The paint, the decorations, the way it is all put together. And she used really bold colors on the walls. I have always been afraid to do that. When I got home, I realized again how much I hate my house, my living room especially. So I decided to have Sharon help me out. I also thought I would get my Mom's input, because she is so good with color, and hue, and what goes well with what color. Sharon hadn't been to my house in a few years, so I took some pictures of my living room (clutter and all) from a couple of different angles and e-mailed them to her. Here is one of them.

The only thing you can't see in this photo is to the right, there is a wall with an opening that goes into the kitchen. This is where my boys tend to drop everything- books, shoes, folders, junk. This room is hardly ever used. It acts as a pass through from the hall to the kitchen. When someone like the visiting teachers or home teachers are coming over, we do a quick run through and pick up the junk and put it away (or probably more correctly, throw it away).

Well, Sharon looked at the pictures and gave me some hints and ideas. I was able to do one of them immediatley- move the furniture. I went to Ikea and got a cupboard to put the piano music in and then I went to a furniture store and bought a sofa table. My boys helped me clean up the piano music and transfer it from the filing cabinets and rubbermaid tub to the cupboard. We then moved the piano and couch. This is what I have now.

I am going after paint tomorrow. I have material to make new curtains. I am going to paint the white rocker, red for a pop of color and I will be refinishing and recovering the blue chair. It is going to look so cool when I am done. But here is the best part so far. Today my visiting teacher came by. When she walked in she said, "Oh, you changed your furniture. Wow, look at your living room. It looks so nice in here. I can't believe that just moving your furniture made this difference. It feels so..... so.... welcoming, warm, inviting." Then she commented on it 3 more times and again as she was leaving.

So, Mom and I have been discussing colors and what goes with what I have chosen. Sharon is telling me how to move my furniture (well, Mom gave me a plan as well, I just haven't tried that one out yet.) And if Sharon gets a chance, she is going to come and help me put the knick-knacks in place and hang things on the walls. If she doesn't get a chance, I will do my best with what she tells me in e-mails. And I am finally going to have a warm, inviting and nicely decorated home. (I am going to do the basement next). Isn't family great?


sharon said...

Wow! I don't think I've ever been blogged about before. I feel kinda shy...

Your living room looks great, though!

Tawnya said...

Awwww. Sharon's famous, now!

Sandra said...

Hey, don't ya love that picture of Grandpa? It reminds me a bit of a young Andy Griffin. No wonder I have such good looking boys ;)

sharon said...

oh my gosh, he kinda does!