Friday, September 14, 2007

Free book contest

So here is another free book contest

The rules are all listed there, so go check it out.
Now, if you don't know or haven't read James Dahshner, you should try out his books. Ethan and I read them (the Jimmy Fincher series) last year and loved them. In fact, Ethan still talks about them and wishes that there were more of them. For me, they were a nice little escape. There were a few places that I felt the action was redundant, but now a year later that is all I remember about that part of the reading, but I still remember the characters and what happened and why. In fact, whenever I am bored and want a quick, good read, I think about picking up this series again.

So go check out the link and then hit the library or bookstore and get your copy of James' books.

Happpy reading

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