Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some Updates

I haven't done a Biggest Loser update lately. That is because all the marvelous results that I envisioned for myself have not come to fruition. Mostly it is because my body has betrayed me. I have lost weight, but it is the same pounds over and over and over again- so mostly I am thinking that it is just water weight.

Here is the way things have gone:
Joined Curves in order to work out. I am really enjoying that and at my first weigh in I had lost 3 pounds. My clothes are fitting looser and so that is also good.

Went to the doctor to have meds adjusted. Found some medical abnormalties. Was sent to a specialist. He is not so sure that the abnormalties exist. Have to do more testing to find out. Waiting for results. And I found out that the new meds are NOT working so I need to go back to have them adjusted again.

I was really hungry this morning at work. I am out of healthy snacks in my work office. I could have had a yogurt or applesauce that I brought with me, but I am really tired of them. So I went to the vending machine. I got a Reeses peanut butter cup. It has peanut butter so it is protein so it was sorta healthy-yes? And it wasn't as good as I remember peanutbutter and chocolate to be, so totally not worth the money or the calories.

I interviewed Friday for a new position. The principal told me that I would know sometime this week.


Karlene said...

Hate doctors. Hate meds.

Good luck on the interview. Fingers crossed.

Karlene said...

How the heck did you get an ARC copy of 13th Reality???

Karlene said...

Okay, we need to make a deal. Either one of us learns about ARC contests, we notify the other via e-mail ASAP. K?

And yes, I laughed at the reference to Savage.