Friday, May 30, 2008

Shoe shopping

Remember those shoes that I wanted to get for my niece's wedding? Gone. The store as well as the website no longer have them. Someday, I am going to be able to see something I like and want and not have to say, when I get a paycheck, if there is money left over.... I am going to see something I like and want and just get it. But maybe the fun is in the waiting anyway. So, these are what I got instead.
And, by waiting? The store had sent me a $10 off coupon because it is my birthday soon. And then I got another $10 off coupon for my rewards points from the store. And the really good news? DSW lets you use 3 coupons at a time when you are purchasing. The only thing that would have been better? If they had been in the clearance section.

But now I don't know what to wear dress wise. I really need to pay someone to dress me, I am so bad at that kind of thing. Any suggestions?


Karlene said...

I can't help with dressing you. I'm so bad myself. But LOVE those shoes. I like them better than the others.

Anonymous said...

I saw a handbag in a store today that matches those shoes. Get some rest before you tackle the house, and it doesn't need to all be done yesterday, you know ? Love Mom

tawnya said...

There was a cute dress at DownEast last night that would look good with those. Or a really pretty white eyelet skirt and red wrap around blouse.

Anonymous said...

You know that's what I do, right? Dress other people? Drew got a really cute red skirt at Kohl's yesterday. Loretta