Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Virtual Shopping Spree

It's been kind of a crazy busy day at work today. But I did have some downtime and I used it for some constructive online shopping. I shopped as if money were no object and I could have whatever I wanted.
Here is some of what I would have bought today if my bank account were a happy account and money grew on trees.

Because it's been that kind of day and virtual cheesecake is better for me than real cheesecake

Plants for the backyard

The Dancer by Lladro For my patio Something to wear for my niece's summer wedding (how the shopping trip got started)

I actually have this pattern
Maybe I'll keep looking because I don't know if I feel like sewing this summer.
Shoes from DSW Shoes. Which means the pink dress. Unless I decide to go with a yellow dress. Or maybe I'll go with something entirely different.

But with prices being what they are these days, this is probablywhat I'll end up with!


tawnya said...

Ooooh. That pink dress is really pretty.

I sent you an email on Sunday - did you get it or is your email being weird again? Or did you just not want to respond? (which is totally fine!)

ShazBraz said...

I was wondering the same thing! This is probably a busy time at work, though, huh?

Karlene said...

Love the shoes!