Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How much do you know

Let's see just how well you know me. I tried to embed the quiz in the blog post, but could not get it to work. So you are going to have to follow the link and take the quiz there.


Feel free to look up any answers that you don't know.

My next post will be post #300 and I will announce the giveaway prize and how to enter for it.
Have fun!

I am going to give you an answer- Somehow on #10 the wrong answer got marked as the right answer- choose "A" even though that is not the real right answer. Come back here and leave me a comment with what you think the real correct answer is. Those comments will be given a second chance for tommorow's prize.


ShazBraz said...

wow...I don't know you at all. I am turning in my sister badge (and my wife badge since one of the questions I missed involved Jacob's website...)

Oh, and I assume #10 is your car.

Jeri said...

I did pretty well - but had to do a lot of looking up - I kept thinking I should not take the time, but then I'd think, "maybe I'll win a UB home collection!!! Or something else delightful." The last 1/2 though, I got tired and just made my best guesses. Missed the one about where you worked. I knew you had left the JR high job, and I read that "the end" post, but it didn't say where you were moving to, and I couldn't find it! DRAT!

Jeri said...

oh - no clue about your fav. gift. I was going to guess a book, but since the previous comment mentions that you have a new car, I change my vote to that one!

Anonymous said...

I did ok, got a 60%. There are a couple I actually knew the right answer & accidently clicked the mouse on the wrong one. Frustrating. And your favorite present was your red sports car that, I believe, Donovan wrecked. Loretta

Jan said...

I didn't do very well. But it was fun getting to know you better. I should read your past blog a little more.

Thanks for your comment on the smells. That was interesting. I have a friend who sales the urbanbotanicals too here in WA. They are just lovely and good smelling.