Monday, August 25, 2008

Just some pictures

Jessica took scads of pictures when we were at the temple on Saturday. We needed to be there about 90 minutes early, so the kids had a while to wait outside for us. I knew Jess would go crazy with the camera and get some good shots, so I just handed her mine. That gave her two to play around with, hers and mine. Here are just a few of what she took.

Jacob, Trevor, Ethan and Matthew

What cracks me up is this, Trevor is the oldest in the picture but standing by the youngest


She wanted the water to show behind me, but the sun was in my eyes. I would close them, she would count to three and then I would open them so that we could get one without me squinting. We tried the other side of the fountain so the temple was in the background, but the sun was even worse there. We'll have to go back up on another day and take some more.

Jake Trevor Ethan Matthew


Donovan, Hunter and Kristina at the Temple door
Brandi, Matt, Jake

Brandi, Trevor, Matt

outside on temple grounds

I have no idea. Jake just wants to go back to bed.

She is such a poser. We have the best shots of her. Maybe I'll do a post someday of Brandi's poses through the years.

I think you can just click here and see some more of her pictures that she took and posted on facebook.


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tawnya said...

That's a great picture of you and funny of Brandi!

megan said...

That picture of you is just lovely.

ShazBraz said...

Ah, great pics! Glad is was a wonderful day.

Karlene said...

I love that picture of you. It looks totally professional. You should use that for your icon.

Like the one of Brandi with the statue too, and the boys in front of the temple. Jessica has some real talent.