Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have a lot of things that I have been thinking about and that I want to blog about, but I ran into a snag yesterday. My computer got sick. It contracted some kind of stupid virus and spyware that will not allow me to do much of anything. So, today I took it in to the wonderful computer doctors at PC Laptops (where they love you). The guy that checked my laptop in told me that it might be 3-4 days before they can even look at it to see what is wrong! It used to be that if you bought your computer there (I did) that they would put you directly at the front of the line. However, I guess enough computer stores have gone out of business that they are practically the only ones around to repair computers and are swamped and don't do that any more- unless you want to pay them a zillion dollars to put you first. I didn't have a zillion extra dollars just laying around, so...

Ok, it was really just $80, but I just payed $600 in school fees for my kids free public education so they could have the privilege of simply walking through the front door, so no extra money hanging around here. So while I am waiting to get my poor laptop back, I am using the el cheapo version that my kids use. It is very old, and slow. Like a tortoise. In the winter. In the snow. You get the idea. But when zippy gets back, I will let you know all the great things I have been pondering. Unless I find some extra time to spend with mr. tortoise.


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Karlene said...

You left out that the tortoise is climbing up hill, and that he has one foot tied behind his back. I feel your pain every time I turn on my PC.