Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another year older

It's my older sister's birthday today. She never reads this blog so I could tell you all kinds of things about her. Things like
  • this is her 4__th birthday
  • How she fell and broke her arm in jr. high and just laughed because she couldn't move her wrist

  • Or that it was her daughter that got married in June
  • Or how she talks in her sleep. And that it is not just random talking. She will carry on a conversation and not remember it in the morning. This is very amusing to the person that she is keeping awake.

She still does it. Her husband told me when I asked
  • Or how she was my best friend growing up, and I was lost when she moved away and went to college 1,000 miles away
  • Or how we used to talk for hours on the phone when she lived in another state, but now that she lives in the same state and we have e-mail, we hardly ever talk
  • I could tell you all those things, but I won't because she never reads my blog and won't know they are here.

    Happy birthday, Dawna


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