Sunday, September 7, 2008

Special Days

Today is my Grandmother's birthday. The mother of my daddy. What a great woman she is. I was going to write a wonderful tribute to her today, send her a card and call her. I got the flu, didn't feel good, barely made it to work most of this week, didn't make it to the post office and spent 8 hrs. today sewing chevrons on my boys' marine blouses. And yes, the military calls the uniform shirts a blouse.

But back to my grandmother- Evelyn Reynold Hulsey. Born Sept 7, 19__ (not sure she would want me to tell you)

Here she is as a young woman. Isn't she a beauty?

Her young family:
Corwin, Eloise, Grandpa, Grandma, Gary (my dad), Steven
Kay, Richard

With Grandpa at the ranch

On her mission at the family history center in Salt Lake in 1992

June 2008 at her great grandaughter Shayla's wedding

Happy birthday Grandma!


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David G. Woolley said...

The only military personel who call them Blouses are the women they hire to sew on the patches :).

A real man would never wear a blouse.


tawnya said...

I gotta go with Dave on this one...

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Sandra said...

The first time I heard a drill instructor tell the recruits something about their blouse, I almost fell off the bleachers laughing. Really, the Marines call them blouses. I just say shirt, Charlies (which is what I was sewing yesterday) blues, coat, pants. As for hiring me? I guess I should let them know they owe me, because I have to do it by hand- that is what takes me so long. And I absolutely refuse to sew their blood stripes on their pants or anything on their heavy wool coats.

David- so are you telling me that your mom doesn't think football players are real men? How about soccer players? Or does she get it right and call them jerseys? ;)

Tawnya- Really? Isaac's were not called a blouse? Huh.

tawnya said...

Oh, gosh no. And if they were, no one in the Navy actually owned up to it!

Karlene said...

Funny. About the blouses, not your grandma. :)