Thursday, September 4, 2008


I think I have the flu, or something. Everyday at school the phone rings off the hook with parents calling in to excuse their child because they are home sick. Or students are coming in the office to call their parent to come get them. I even sent one of my own home and excused him. The amount of accidents the custodian has had to clean up in the last 3 weeks is too many and I am glad I am not responsible for doing that.

I wash my hands every time a student hands me a paper or if I have to open a door at the school. I especially wash them a long time after handling money in the cafeteria. I also make sure that I take my water bottle and refill it often. Gotta stay hydrated to stay well.

Yesterday I didn't feel particularly well, but went to work anyway. In fact, part way through the day, I scrounged up .75 cents and bought me a coke to see if I could get rid of my headache. Nastiest thing I have ever had. All that was in the machine was diet with a twist of lime. Gross. I took one sip and threw it away. I decided to live with the headache and drank a bottle of water instead.

Today I went prepared, I took some Theraflue pills before I went to work. Good thing I did, it was a busy day- run away kid, I'll tell you about it later. But now, the headache is reaching throbbing size, my nose is stuffy and I can feel the body aches coming one and supper smelled good until it came time to eat it. My stomach is rebelling against me because I ate.

I'm going to drink some more water and go to bed early. Maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones and this will go away overnight.


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Karlene said...

I started with the headache and sore throat the other day, but then it went away. Jim's didn't though--and he's miserable. I hope you can get over it fast.

Jeri said...

so sorry you are sick. I wonder if that's what's going on in my house too. I hope you get over it quickly.

By the way - thanks for your words of encouragement. I want you to know that I think you are an amazingly strong woman - and very wise. I appreciate your insights.

Get well soon!

tawnya said...

Mmmm. Diet Coke w/ Lime.

Sorry your are sick!

Kimberly said...

Oh hun, so sorry. Hope it passes quickly.

loretta said...

Ya. Last night started feeling a sore throat. I don't get sore throats. This morning stuffy, runny nose & sore throat. Yuck. I hope it passes fast!