Sunday, January 25, 2009

23 years and counting

Donovan got to come home for a couple of days. He flew back to Ca. yesterday evening. It was a hard goodbye because there is no more leave. His wife will have their second baby in a few weeks and he will be overseas protecting our liberty from those that would take it away from us. He won't meet his daughter until she is 9-10 months old. She won't even know that she misses him. But she will.

23 years ago today I held him for the first time. I knew then that this day would come. That he would grow up, leave my home, serve in the military (yes I knew it) get married and have children. And I cried because I did not want this little one to leave me. (or else I was just hormonal- I had just given birth after all) And now that day is here and gone and here and happening. And now today, 23 years later, I am crying again. But this time I can't blame it on the post-partum hormones.

I made him a Mississippi Mud cake for his birthday. Made him blow out 23 candles. Made him hug me when he left. Tried to forget that it will be almost a year before I hug him again.

I should scan some pictures of him from when he was a wee, tiny thing, but I will end up crying again. I'll do it next year- maybe. If I remember. Instead let's do a remember when.

*Remember the Thanksgiving Sharon was coming to our house and Donovan wanted to build a snowman with her? Only one problem- no snow. He prayed for snow to build a snowman with Aunt Sharon. It started snowing the second she pulled up in our driveway on Tuesday (Wednesday?) evening and didn't stop until the second she pulled out on Sunday.

*Remember the time I was trying to get Donovan to sleep in a big boy bed and he wanted to sleep in mine instead? One night while I was helping him say his prayers he said, "May we have a good night sleeping- in Mom's bed." I laughed out loud.

*Remember his first talk in primary? I do. "Tell me how a prophet looks. Can he read my mind?...."

*Remember how he loved to tell jokes? What do you call a dog that jumps in a fire? (hot dog) What do you say when a dog falls off a cliff? (doggone)

*Remember his yellow dinosaur backpack?

*Remember his book report on To Kill a Mockingbird and the doghouse inferno?

*Remember when he drank out of the puddle while camping?

*Remember when I was at school and he and Chris Peck rode their bikes? Off of the roof. Using a ladder for a ramp. That's when I started answering the question "Mom, guess what!?" with "Do I want to know?"

*Remember when he bought Brandi a hamster. And his dog ate it. Oh, wait- that was Trevor's hamster. Never mind. I gave Brandi's hamster away.

*Remember his hikes in the foothills with Jacob?

*Remember when the sousaphone was bigger than him and Caleb had to help us put it in the Suburban?

What do you remember?

Make a wish

Can you believe that this big, tough marine didn't get all of the candles in one breath?

He claims it was a trick candle and that it relit itself.

Ok, let's go with that version

And what would a post with pictures be with out Hunter

He is playing peek-a-boo with me

Grandma sees you!




Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Hugs from me, Sandra. I'll keep your son in my thoughts. And what an adorable grandson!!!

Noelle said...

Your kids are lucky to have you as their mom. I'll keep him in my prayers.

ShazBraz said...

Ah...happy birthday Donovan! (I hope I really did play in the snow with you)

Sandra said...

Thanks Nancy and Noelle.

Sharon, yes, you built snow men and a HUGE snow fort with him (before we went downtown to the pet shop to look at the snakes).
I'll have to scan a picture and show you.

Jess said...

You didn't put the remember when he wanted to paint his nails with Jessica and he painted his whole thumb green. or remember when he wanted to fly so he jumped off the roof with a tarp.