Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.*

I have been a slacker for the last 16 years or so. A Naysayer. An ignorer of all things red related during the month of Feburary. Single Awarness day my kids call it. Stupid, I called it. I hated that gifts were exchanged and love expressed because the calendar and the marketing department of the major jewlery stores said it was the thing to do.

I didn't always think that way. When the kids were younger and when I was teaching pre-school, I loved doing Valentine day things- decorating the house, giving gifts, making red colored food. I even loved those little candy hearts with the cheesy sayings on them. Stuff happened and I stopped all of that.

This year I decided that my attitude was the thing that was stupid. I still have people in my life that I love, so why am I ignoring that fact? I bought a heart shaped wreath, a red heart shaped candle for the candle holder in the front room and a red sparkly hanging heart. Ethan walked in and said, "For someone that hates Valentine's day so much, there is an awful lot of red heart stuff going on in here." Yep, I needed an attitude adjustment.

Mostly because I LOVE giving gifts. I love the deciding on the gift. I love the finding of the gift. And I love the giving of it. When I am going to give a gift, I may spend months planning and searching and finding until it is just perfect. My favorite gift ever given to me? From my sister, Sharon. She got about 13 years worth of pictures of my kids from my mom and spent I don't know how long putting them together into two scrapbooks for me.

Noelle asked about gift ideas for Valentine's day, and I decided to do a post on some ideas. Silly, for kids, for friends, for family, for that special someone, just because the calendar says so.

*Get a pack of those kiddie valentines. Choose a theme that means something for the person you are choosing- for my grandson or Matthew I would choose Thomas the Tank engine. Each day for a week (or the entire month) write a note and put the card on the door step. Or hide the notes for the recipent to find. Or hide a bunch for to be found throughout the day.

*Make a scavenger hunt. Matthew did a cute one last week to ask a date to the sweethearts dance. The whole hunt was in the girl's car. First note was on the steering wheel telling her to make sure her gas cap was tight so as not to lose gas. The note on the gas cap directed her to the glove compartment where there were gloves with the next note. (she was at a play with a friend and it was one of those 10* nights) That note sent her to find her window scraper. This note told her to turn on her car and turn on the heater full blast to keep warm. When she turned on the heater, it blew out little notes that said, "Will you go to sweethearts with me?" He had a cute little note written on each note and I my have left some of them out, but you get the idea. Your hunt could end at dinner, a movie, whatever.

*Have a candle light dinner. In the park. Be sure to go early in the day to clean off the benches, and be sure to take blankets to sit on.

*Do a chore for the person that they don't like to do. Or one that has needed doing, but they just keep putting off- like taking down those Christmas lights.

*Give them a heart attack. Take a bunch of different colored paper hearts and tape them all over the front door and porch, lay them on the lawn, hang from bushes and trees. Leave a sign that says "You've just had a heart attack" Cheesy but fun.

Ok, what are your suggestions?

Oh, and Noelle, I think you may be on to something with the first aid kit.

*William Shakespeare Twelfth Night act 3 scene 1.26


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Noelle said...

I bought a first aid kit today. :) And I'm going to try a version of the heart attack. The dentist lives in Cedar City so it's going to be a heart attack 'mail' style.

I'm glad you're decorating your house for V-Day.

Sandra said...

You could send the heart attack to his receptionist and have her put them all over his office door, desk, walls... before he gets to work on Friday morning.