Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stuff and Nonsense

*That title reminds me of H. R. Puffnstuff. I haven't thought of them for years.

*Am I the only one that thinks Taylor Swift needs to be told how Romeo and Juliet really ends? Or that the song is way overplayed? Or that at the end of the second verse she sounds like she stubbed her toe?

*Apparently knowing how to alphabetize and/or follow simple directions is no longer a requirement to be a high school teacher. Especially if you want to teach English.

*I would have gotten a 100% on my final last week, but I changed one of my answers.

*My blow dryer went out with a bang this morning. There were sparks and a burn mark on the wall. Too bad, I liked that blow dryer.

*I want to try a hot stone massage sometime

*February is White Ribbon Against Pornography Month. Article here and a few stats here

*I am ready for it to be spring so I can start planting flowers and fruits and veggies.

*Who knew that counting test booklets and alphabetizing bubble sheets and then boxing them up could be so exhausting? Bone weary to be exact.


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ShazBraz said...

should I know who taylor swift is?

and...a burn mark on the wall? wow!

Karlene said...

I had such a crush on that boy on HR Puffnstuff--and now I can't even remember his name. And I'm not watching that video because I'll probably gag with how lame it is and that will be one more crushed childhood dream...

And yes, Taylor Swift. Sometimes I love her and sometimes I just don't.

Anonymous said...

And you don't even want me to get started on Taylor Swift. Dad

tawnya said...

I'm with Sharon...who's Taylor Swift?

Stuff and Nonsense reminds me of this:

David G. Woolley said...

Did the tulips in November. Now I'm just waiting. And waiting. Over four hundred. Can you believed that. And waiting. And five hundred pansies. And waiting. If the deer eat them I'm going to croak. And that has nothing to do with Ribbet. And waiting...

Sandra said...

Sharon and Tawnya- click the link/watch the video and you won't need to wonder any more. And ya, a burn mark. I scrubbed most of it off. But now I have an even better excuse than I'm tired of the color to paint that bathroom. What color should I choose?

And "T" of course stuff and nonsense reminds you of that. Silly me, why didn't I think of that? ;) (actually I kind of liked it.)

Karlene- aren't they always lame when you go back and watch your favorite shows from when you were young?

David- of course you did them in November, silly. If you did them in the spring you would have even more waiting, and waiting, and waiting to do. Will you have a festival in the spring time and charge exorbatant prices for people to look at your garden? I have no idea where my tulips are going to come up. My cat dug some of them up and replanted them. I had no idea that pansies would survive through the winter. I guess that you are going to have to wait do the impatients (as opposed to inpatients) until spring?

As for croaking, apparently there are several different sounds. I know, nothing to do with your kind of croak, just sayin'. But that reminds me, I still need to fix the waterfall on the pond. Another reason for spring to get here.

tawnya said...

That's because it's an awesome song...

I think I'll decline clicking the link. Something tells me I'd regret it!