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The Destruction of Families

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LDS Resources to Stop Pornography on the Web

Yesterday, I blogged about the revived proposal to create a .xxx domain for pornography. This article lists several LDS resources that may be of interest to you:

  • LDS Church (Mormon Church) has published pamphlets and posted online helps on combating pornography. More information coming in the future.
  • Utah Coalition Against Pornography is a multi-faith community effort. Their Web site has information about education, statistics, and links to helpful sites. They also provide an annual conference and helpful materials.
  • Citizens Against Pornography is an organization of LDS people who focus on [1] raising awareness about the harms of pornography, [2] protecting standards of decency in our communities and [3] fortifying homes and families against the destructive and pervasive influence of pornography. They promote legislation to require Web site ratings, recommend filtering technologies to assist parents, and have developing a DVD and printed material to assist parents and others. Their Web site provides help for individuals, parents, and spouses.
  • Communities for Decency is a grass-roots statewide women’s organization. Their Web site contains online articles and references to other resources. They also engage in political action.
  • CP-80 Internet Channel Initiative. The Internet Community Ports Act (ICPA) promotes the use of Internet channels (ports) to categorize and organize content on the Internet. The act would create Community Port channels for general-public content and Open Port channels for mature content, such as pornography.
  • Cyber Secrets: The Problem of Pornography is a series of presentations given at a special conference sponsored by Women’s Services and Resources, a department of Student Life at Brigham Young University. The Web site offers the presentations in streaming audio or in print.
  • Lighted Candle Society is a nondenominational, nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of moral values. Their Web site contains information about the evils and extent of pornography. They also offer a DVD and other materials.
  • Mental Health Resource Foundation is a volunteer organization committed to carrying a message of hope to those who may be suffering from mental illness and social/emotional concerns and those who love them. Their Web site has information on pornography and links to other resources and organizations.
  • National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families is a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending biblical truth about sexuality. Their Web site has information about avoiding pornography and protecting children from it, as well as links to other organizations.
  • Strengthen the Family is a non-profit organization that seeks to strengthen families and protect communities by helping them establish child-appropriate public display standards. The Web site has articles on the dangers of pornography and Internet safety, including practical advice for parents. Listen to a talk given at BYU education week in 2001 (search for speaker “JoAnn Hamilton”).
  • Evergreen International is a non profit organization dedicated to helping LDS individuals overcome same-sex attraction and assosiated issues, such as pornography. They provide help to individuals, families, professional counselors, and Church leaders. Their large Web site has a few dozen pages on avoiding and overcoming pornography.


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