Friday, March 27, 2009

Sugar, Sugar

Going sugar free is not as easy as it sounds. Because I rarely drank it, giving up soda pop was a piece of cake. The cake on the other hand... Acutally, cake was no big deal either since I no longer have time to bake. Candy? Haven't missed it. The recipies I found in this book have helped. They taste good, are easy to prepare and the kids like them. I made cookies the other day and Jake said, "I find it surprising that there is no sugar in these." He then proceeded to eat 4 more and I had to remind him that no sugar did not mean no calories.

My grocery shopping takes me a bit longer because I have to read every single label. If it says sugar or corn syrup or even worse, High Fructose Corn Syrup, I put it back.

Today I wanted some ketchup. This is a label for ketchup. Notice it has both High Fructose Corn Syrup and Corn Syrup. Every single brand I looked at had at least one of these ingredients. Some also had sugar. So, no ketchup was bought today. I did find some on the internet, but it was $6/bottle before shipping. Not worth it. I'll just learn how to make it myself.

I found my food storage room was full of sugar and hfcs. I decided not to throw everything out, though. But as I use something up I have to find a new brand to replace it. But more than a new, no sugar or hfcs added brand, one that tastes good as well. In my quest for healthier food I am finding that if I really want to I can still make the time to cook instead of just opening cans. And I am remembering how much I enjoy making good food and hearing, " This is really good." or "Can we have this again?" "Is there any left?" and my favorite, "Thanks, Mom."


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David G. Woolley said...

Well done! You will reap some huge health blessings. Keep it up. What's for dinner?

Sandra said...

i have already noticed that the two major health issues are not so bad anymore. I have stopped taking some medications and the others have reduced dosage with the goal of not using them at all. But I can tell when I do eat something that has sugar or hfcs in it. I have become very picky and when I ate at the airport with Trevor last week I found it very hard to find something I was willing to eat. Oh well, it will get easier as I learn and do.

It was a toss up between tomato soup and chili. Chili with black beans and corn bread won today.

Noelle said...

This is impressive! Maybe someday I'll work on this. :) But I'm glad it's helping you!!!