Sunday, March 22, 2009


Jordan's blessing day in pictures

This dress was my mother's dress. Her Great-Grandmother made it for my mom. She wore it, all 5 of her daughters wore it, all 10 of her grand-daughters wore it and now her great-grand daughter wore it.

But I just realized that I didn't get any pictures of just Jordan in her blessing dress.

Donovan, Hunter, Kristina and Jordan

(in her blessing dress)

Me, my Mom, Jordan, Kristina, Hunter

Kristina's Mom, Jordan, Kristina, Hunter

My Mom, Jordan, Kristina, Hunter

My mom and Jordan

Donovan and Jordan

My favorite picture from the whole day


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ShazBraz said...

wonderful pictures. Bless her tiny little heart; she's just swimming in that dress!

Ashli Barnes said...

I LOVE that one of Jordan and Donovan!

Noelle said...

What amazes me is that Kristina is up and smiling and ready for another day!!!

tawnya said...

I'm with Sharon - that dress has never looked that big!

Sandra said...

Sharon and Tawnya- yes, she is so tiny and the dress just swallowed her. But she is only 1 1/2 days old in the picture and the rest of us were older when we wore it.

Noelle- I know. I never looked that good that fast. She did change to more comfy post-baby clothes after the blessing and pictures and we did the blessing at their home. But she is amazing and beautiful to me.

Anonymous said...

We missed, there are 10 granddaughters. She is so cute. Love Mom

Sandra said...

Mom- I fixed it. I told you I was not good at math. ;)

Karlene said...

What a cutie! And that little dress is gorgeous.