Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Emily Post anyone?

Brandi got an invitation to a party this weekend. This is what it said:


are you doing anything on Saturday?

You are invited to a picnic. we will all meet at (name of place) and have a picnic and play around. Please bring yourown lunch, and if so you can bring an extra one please! thank you

Hope to see you there!


(name) all Girls

It's at (time)

If can't come call

The way I remember it, you are not supposed to invite someone to a party and then ask them to provide lunch for all the guests. I don't mind an invite to a bring your own picnic, but I do take exception to this child planning a party and then asking Brandi to provide the refreshments.

She is a neighbor girl and I like her. I have had dealings with her older brothers, though. Mom is a single mom, her husband died about 8 years ago. They are a Tongan family, mostly boys. The boys have taken over and rule the roost and do not listen to mom. And they are the biggest mooches I have ever met. Oh that mooching was the biggest of what they do. The brother that is a senior this year spent most of the first 1/2 of the school year either in my office or the principal's office until we invited him to get his education some where else. But let me tell you what he did the other day.

He and some other friends from school went to a local t-shirt shop to get a $10 t-shirt. John (not his real name) decided that he should have a 5 finger discount for the shirt. He proceeded to take the alarm tag off of the shirt. Then he put it in his pants pocket. Yes he did! Right in his pants pocket. He then tried to leave the store through the detector! Did I mention he has never been great on thinking things through? I was disgusted at the shop owner, though.

Instead of calling the cops he charged the boys $40 for the shirt. John didn't have the money or the smarts to just leave the shirt and get out. No, he talked one of his friends into using the friend's mother's debit card to pay $40 for the shirt!! The mom was upset but shrugged it off saying, "Boys, what are you going to do with them?"

But back to my original point, I would have been upset and told Brandi no she could not go, but what else would I expect when girlfriend has example like that to look up to?

Just to clarify- I don't have a problem with someone planning a picnic and asking everyone to bring a part of it, pot luck style. I dont' have a problem with someone planning a picnic and asking everyone to bring their own lunch. I do have a problem with someone planning a picnic and asking the guest to bring all the food.

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