Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My new favorites

I have two new favorite things to drink. At first I could buy the small size because the kids took one look at them and turned up their noses. Then one of them tasted, then another, then... Now I have to buy the bigger sizes because if I don't, I wont' get any.

I buy this in both the large bottle and individual sizes. Matt puts his in the fridge at work and then drinks it at lunch. Mine just sits on my desk and I drink it in the middle of the morning.

I keep saying that I wish this came in bigger containers. There is never enough of it.

This morning I saw that it does come in bigger containers. Yay! Now to find who sells it that way.

You can check out more of the juices here.


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David G. Woolley said...

Costco used to sell the 64 oz. size of the super food juice. Now they have two 32 oz. packed together. Is that big enough for your craving? I love the stuff. And when you drink it while you're chewing almonds it is the BEST!

Sandra said...

I have buying 2 two 32 oz. packages a week. I haven't tried it with almonds. I have a package of almonds in my desk at work, I'll have to try it out tomorrow.