Monday, April 13, 2009

Lists again

--Spent the morning moving from my old, cramped, bump-into-each-other- whenever-we-breathe office to our new, spacious need to use the phone just to talk to each other office.

--Took Matthew to the dentist for a checkup and we figured out why he is so smart. He has 5 wisdom teeth! I am guessing that the extra one is where he gets all his smarts.

--Took Jess and Brandi to the doctor. Still can't figure out Jess' problem. Brandi got some cream to deal with the rash she woke up with yesterday. No more itching!!

--Kristina brought Hunter and Jordan over. Jordan is not feeling well. She seems to have been exposed to a virus and has spent the day throwing up. Poor baby. She slept while I held her. Hunter found an extra Easter basket that the Easter bunny left. It was filled with his favorites- ducks and bubbles and a story book about Thomas the train. I wonder how that got on the shelf next to my front door?

--I start a new class Wed. night, Foundations of School Counseling Part 1. I have to write a paper reflecting on my personal experiences with a school counselor in my own K-12 experience. Do you know how long ago I graduated from high school? And I am supposed to remember my personal experiences from 6 years before that? 2 words- Mr. Wilmeth

-- I noticed that my invoice for tuition was wrong. I called my financial counselor at the school. He can't figure it out either.

-- My laptop is in being fixed. I guess I have some errors on the hard drive. Whatever that means. Because I bought it at PC Laptops the last 3 days worth of work have been free. But the new hard drive is not. I have been using the kids' computer. There is a line behind me of impatient children wanting to get on here. Take a number.

I hope you all had a happy Easter. President Paul was speaking in Sacrament meeting. He was quoting from President Holland's talk that I posted yesterday. I posted it Saturday and scheduled it for Sunday. During President Paul's talk. Brandi leaned over and said to me- "Hey, weren't we listening to that last night?" I guess they are listening.


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Cami said...

This is what I like about you're real. You live in the real world and deal with real problems and you can still laugh about it! I have a list of my own, but it's loooooonnnnng! Lol! Have a good day. I'm still going over and over the comments posted on Top O The Morning....I still have hope, how about you? Dr. Woolley is nothing short of brilliant, and you are right next to him. That's why I enjoy reading your blogs so much! :)Have a great day....