Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life is Tough

Life is Tough- I Doubt I'll Make It Out Alive
Stacy Gooch-Anderson
Ok, I am having one of those life is tough weeks and this review is just one of the things. Stacy sent me all kinds of graphics and info and links and daily lifesavers that I could use in this post. They are all stored on my laptop and as you know from yesterday's post, my laptop is in the shop. So I guess we will just wing it this morning, ok?
Life as a human on this planet is not always a happy thing. There are days-weeks-months and even years that I feel like I am drowning in my life and it will never be better and it is hard and why can't I just stop where I am and sit down until someone comes along to rescue me and make it happy and sunshiny again? Then someone like Stacy writes a book that reminds me that there is sunshine even on the gloomiest days if I will just look for it.
Stacy Gooch-Anderson, author of The Santa Letters, has had her share of trials as a mother. Grom making decisions about her career and future to dealing with illness in her family, she has learned that life will continue to teach her lessons in all circumstances. These lessons can be poignant, meaningful, and, in the case of Stacy, quite humorous.
Stacy reveals a life filled with laughter and wit as she chronicles her adventures of being a mother. Join her as she shares 28 life lessons that changed her perspective and helped her grow in character. Full of humor and practical advice, Life is Tough-I Doubt I'll Make It Out Alive is sure to inspire mothers everywhere!
In the 28 chapters of this book, with titles like "Calling all Prince Charmings, How to Tour the Pacific without Crossing an Ocean and Toddler- 864 Mom-0, Stacy takes us through some of the tough life lessons she has learned. Choosing a husband, having and raising children, loosing a child at birth, death of family members, buying a house that needs numerous repairs- all things that will teach you lessons. All things that can bring you down to the depths of despair. Stacy is able to see the bigger picture and the humor in the everyday mundane things. And she reminds us that the humor and lesson can be our lifesaver.
Under each chapter title she has a chapter summary. One of my favorites accompanies Life Lesson Number Seventeen: Another One Bit the Dust:
If wisdom equals age and age is a state of mind, then it's safe to assume that one can use wisdom as he gets older to state his mind and never mind his mindless state when having fun. Everyone expects old people to dress oddly, have messy hair, and be opinionated anyway.
Or how about Life Lesson Number Twenty-five: If I Want to Get Over the Rainbow, Can I Use a Stepstool:
Walt Disney once said, "All your dreams come true if you have the courage to pursue them." It's good advice from a guy who succeded by living most of his life in a fantasy land with a six-foot mouse and a duck who never wore pants.
Because I don't have my list of daily lifesavers, you will have to click over here to see what the lifsaver for today is. I'll post it here as soon as I get my laptop back, hopefully today.
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Ali Cross said...

I'm really thinking I would like this book. Thanks for the review Sandra!

Stacy G. Anderson said...


I'm so sorry you are having one of those weeks but I'm really glad that I was able to send you a book to brighten a few moments at least!

Thanks for being a Life Saver and I certainly hope the week gets better from here. In a week, you'll be able to laugh about it...;-)

Many Hugs!

Stacy G. Anderson said...

oh and ironically, today's Life Saver is, "Evan in a pile of manure, a flower will grow...;-)"

Now you can go read that post.

And more hugs,