Sunday, April 19, 2009


Indulge me if you will. While we were on the beach, I was standing in the waves and these rocks intrigued me. As I was watching them, an idea began to form in my mind.

As I stood there, the waves came one after another. Again and again, each one a small bit stronger than the one before. If you have ever stood on the beach as the waves come in, you know that as the water goes back out to the sea it pulls the sand with it and your firm foundation is shown to be not so firm. The sand slowly errodes away beneath your feet and you will fall if you do not adjust your stance.

As I watched these I thought about how they roll with the water and I thought about how we should be like that and let life's trials and storms buffer us and make us polished.

Then I saw this rock.

And I started thinking about the smaller rocks again and two words came to my mind: Steadfast and immovable. See how the big rock stands there, strong, steadfast and immovable no matter how many waves come and overwhelm it, seeming to bury it in the depths. There are even small rocks that have taken shelter behind it where they are safe from the pull of the relentless water.

Look back at the first video. See those rocks? They are not steadfast and immovable, they wander here and there where ever the ocean pulls them. Are we like that? Following where ever the world takes us? First this way and then that? Feeling overwhelmed and buried by the relentless waves of life? Do we give in and roll with everyone else? Or are we like the small rocks in the second video? Do we look for shelter behind our Rock and our Redeemer where we will be safe even when life seems to bury us? Or are we even like unto the big rock? Do we stand steadfast and immovable relying on the foundation that the Lord has given us knowing that even through the storms of life, even when we feel buried beneath the waves of trials, we will be fine?


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Karlene said...

That was wonderful and inspiring.

Okay, I forgive you for going to warmth and sun and leaving me here for the snow storm.