Friday, April 17, 2009

Total Tourist Thing

Today we did tourist things:
Took a 2 hour bay cruise
Played (and got sunburnt) at the beach
Walked all over Old Town
Took a bazillion pictures to prove it- here are just a few

In front of "The Lord Hornblower"

our cruise boat

The Lord Hornblower

Jess, Jacob and Ethan on the boat

Sea Lions


that's Mexico in the background

The water was cold but that didn't stop us from having fun

Jacob, Ethan, Jessica

Matthew and Whitney

The only picture of me in a swim suit you will ever see


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tawnya said...

Huh. Can you believe I never went to Old Town? Unless you count driving through the corner getting on the freeway...

loretta said...

Chicken! One of my nieces put one of me on facebook from when we were at Bear Lake last summer!