Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't leave home without them

A few of my favorite things that I never, ever leave my home without using.

#22 Cinnaberry

but I got a new color #20RB that I am going to try this summer

or maybe # 30 Rosewood

No matter the color- every 6 weeks. It's an age/vanity thing, but I am a natural redhead- just check my birth certificate for confirmation.

The best moisturizing shampoo and conditioner on the planet.

Blow dry hair, spray, bend at waist and fluff hair with fingers, and never have to think about your hair again, even if the wind is blowing.

Usually in my signature fragrance "Luna" made with Cedarwood, Pear, and China Musk. But with all the oils and blends I can have something different everyday if I want. I am going to use Maui Pear and maybe some fig or frankensence or ...
Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus #200 Black Onyx

Max Factor Lipfinity
#191 Bronzed
Put it on, put on the top coat and never, ever think about your lipstick again. Eat, drink, talk and never need to re-apply. I don't even own any other kind of lipstick anymore.


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Cami said...

Well. I'm DEFINITELY going to try the lipstick! You KNOW I was impressed with that. Everything else looks interesting too....not so sure how I'd fare as a redhead though! :) I had coal black hair as a child, went toehead blond FOREVER....and now...sigh. Who knows? Whatever I want, I suppose! That's the beauty of it, right? Lol! :)

Kay Scott said...

Sandra, I found your blog thru my DIL, Amy, who is married to Jim. What a thrill it is to stay in touch with your life somewhat. You are so busy and so together!! An impressive combination. I've been reading along for a month or so now, so I thought I would comment and say hello. We are are fine here. Enjoying Jenna's graduation from ASU, John T's graduation from high school and his just received mission call to the Philippines, leaving 9/2 (speaking Tagalog). So life is good, even with all the challenges. Take care of yourself.
Love you, Kay

tawnya said...

Hi Aunt Kay!

AquaNet? I didn't even know they still made that. Does Al Gore know? *hee*

Anna Maria Junus said...

I liked seeing your list. Maybe I'll try some of those things.

I can never remember which hair color I tried last.