Friday, May 1, 2009

Extreme Makeover/school edition

We got a new addition at the high school. Wed. we had the ribbon cutting and open house for the public. Go here to read the article and see pictures. There is even a short-short video with a member of the school board while the choir sings the school song- which I still don't know. I don't even remember if we had a school song at my high school growing up. Anyway, at the very end of the video you can see my arm in the extreme right hand side.

I got a new office in the new wing. The counselors moved into our old offices in the old wing. My goal is to someday move back to my old office, well one of the offices over there anyway.

Here are some pictures and a help question about the whole thing.

This is the old office. All of it. I am standing in the door way. There is enough room to the left of me to stand in front of the counter and for the students to get a note. The edge of the desk straight ahead is the doorway to the principals' offices. The desk to the right is (was) mine.

All that is left in that room is the desk straight ahead. Everything else is gone. This is going to be the career center now.

My old desk. The hall to the left goes to another principal's office and the front office. The only thing that fit on this desk was my computer moniter and a three ring binder. To the right is the doorway that I was standing in to take the last picture.
The sickly looking plant- not mine. It belonged to Sheryl, who's desk is to the right but she had no room for it, so she put it on my smaller desk behind my computer moniter. We mostly ignored it, but it never went away.

Here I am standing in the hallway looking the opposite direction from the last picture. We bumped each other with our chairs at least 3 times a day.
Did I mention that all the teachers used our office as a cut through to the teacher's lounge? Well they did.

Here is our new office standing in the entry door.
To the left is a nurse's station and sick room, a table and chairs and lots of empty room.
Straight ahead goes to the new faculty room, so we still get used as a cut through, but it is ok because there is room, the principals' offices, facutly bathrooms, storage, filing, teacher work area and a small kitchen.
To the right is seating for students and parents that are waiting, and a door into the resource officer's office. (the police officer)

The table and chairs. Sick room is to the right
Here is my first help question
What should we hang on these two walls? It is really bare in there and the walls need something. It is also like a huge echo chamber in there. Everything echoes and when we are on the phone if someone walks in and starts talking, we cannot hear the person on the phone. They put three! speakers in this room and turned them on maximum volume! We had them disconnect two of the speakers and turn the other one WAY down so we could hear ourselves think.

The same area only looking at it from my desk.
This area is just behind my desk.
Right now there is a centerpiece of flowers there that the principal gave me for secretary apprecitation week.
We all got one and this cupboard was bare on top so I put mine there to make it look better. There is also a vase behind it that I had some roses in. (did I mention that the principal took us all out to lunch on Monday and gave us roses too? I love our administrators)
There are also some rolled up flags laying there, they will be gone as soon as our flag holder gets here.
Here is where the next help question comes
What do we put on this cupboard?
I was thinking maybe some blue vases to bring in the blue from the other wall? A table top fountain? A lamp? A huge viking ship (our mascot is a viking)

And this is my desk/work area.

The magnet boards and shelf above them just got hung today. I was so happy to pull all of the phone directories, schedules, admin assignments out of my drawer and hang them where I can see and use them. Woops, there is a wire basket and some photo mats I was going to bring home. I was going to paint the mats black and possibly use them on the shelf, or the wall, or somewhere in the office.

Did you see? I actually have a phone now. I never had one before and I had to tie up the attendance office if I ever needed to call a parent or conference with someone. No longer.

Now I need to decide what to put on the shelf- besides my name plate, which also never had a place before.

Out of all of the new offices and classrooms, everyone always says they like ours the best. I agree. It is one sweet office.


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Karlene said...

Hang something funny that will ease the mood. Or something in pinks and yellows and blues—as those are soothing. Whatever you do, NO RED AND BLACK. That makes people combative.

Love the clock.

Sandra said...

Never, ever red and black. We are Vikings, not cavemen. I have been a PG mom too long to hang AF colors.

Everyone loves the clock. I wish I had a big wall in my house so I could hang a clock like that.

tawnya said...

Oh, hey! I know that shelf and magnet boards...we have some at our house!

ShazBraz said...

T-that's funny. when I saw them I automatically thought, "Hey! same, same! like at home!" in Sammy voice.

Hang large fabric covered panels in different but coordinating patterned fabrics in your school colors (like the ones that are above the couch in my living room.) It will absorb the sound.