Saturday, May 2, 2009

In your eyes

Last Sunday we had a sweet couple speak in our ward. I really like this couple and I like their kids, which is a good thing considering one of their kids spends a big hunk of his time at my house!

They spoke about the atonement. This family has had some rough times, two of their three children were born with Cystic Fibrosis. About six years ago, their oldest child, who was 7 or 8 at the time, almost died. Sister K. was finishing up her talk when she brought this up. She started crying even though she thought she wouldn't. She finished up her talk and sat down. The choir was going to sing before Brother K. spoke.

I looked up at the front as she sat down. I saw Brother K lean over and say something to her. I assumed it was something along the lines of good job. Then Sister K. took a tissue out of her bag, and gently rubbed under her eye. She then turned her face back up to Brother K. He looked down at her and nodded his head.

This really touched me. This simple act of Brother K helping his wife look presentable and helping her fix her makeup. The look of love and trust that she had as she looked to him to tell her that all was well was amazing to me. I don't know if she went to the bathroom after the meeting to check her makeup or not. I like to think that she didn't because she knows how much he loves her and she can trust him in everything- even mussed mascara.


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Cami said...

Do you think there are any Nephites in shining armor still around? He sounds like one....maybe someday. :)