Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On the menu tonight

Hot water

Peppermint tea bag
steep for 6 minutes


Feel better-
long enough to finish homework anyway

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Cami said...

Maybe Dave is right, maybe you DO have Bird Flu! Lol! He seems to be right about everything else. He's a very wise person.

I know you don't feel good, but when you feel better, can you tell me if you have ever read The Road, by Cormac McCarthy? What are your thoughts on it?

Can I confess something? Maybe confess isn't the right word....when I read Dave's comments about "trading up." It actually made me cry. Torrents of tears. He has a way of making things very clear. I guess your heart has to rip open a little before it can heal well. :)
No idea why I'm telling you this.....
I hope you get better. Truly. Take good care... :)

Sandra said...


No, I haven't read The Road, but I did just go google it and now I want to. I think I'll stop by the library on the way home from work.

We should do lunch- really.

Cami said...

I would LOVE to do lunch! Where do you live? Please say it's not in New York or somewhere! :) Although, it would make for an interesting trip!

Once you've read the book The Road, I will tell you something interesting, but I don't want to cloud your thoughts before you get a chance to form your own opinions!

Let's do lunch. Yes? :)

Sandra said...

Not far away at all- PG. e-mail me and we can set something up

Cami said...

Awesome! I don't know your e-mail and I'm not quite sure how to find it. There's probably a way.....Could you post it here, or on my blog in the comments section? This will be fun! :) I feel like I know you a little already. I started reading your comments on Dave's blog LONG before I ever commented myself! You are great at tying things together and bringing up a more clear picture.

I'm looking forward to meeting you! :) Have a great day, Cami

Sandra said...


If a blog author has set up a contact, you can find it on their profile page. I have mine there. There is a way to put it on the main page, but for some reason my main page is messed up and doesn't display everything the way it should. :(

Cami said...

I left you an e-mail, but I'm not sure it sent. I double checked what you gave me, but it kept saying error or something. Let me know if you got it, if not, my e-mail is camille418@gmail.com. You can reach me there......

Sandra said...

I got it, but I am having problems with my e-mail since I got this new computer- for some reason I can't send out. I do have a gmail account that I use for school stuff, I will add your contact to that and answer you from there.