Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From the mouths of babes

Yesterday Brandi wanted me to make that chicken dish I made about a month ago. She couldn't remember what it was called but she thought it was chicken alfredo. I could not ever remember making chicken alfredo.

"It's in that healthy food cook book mom. And if it isn't, well you said it was healthy anyway."

I couldn't find chicken alfredo in the cookbook and I was still pulling a blank so I pulled out the weekly menues for the past couple of months. Nothing that even sounded like it could be what she wanted. Until-

Chicken Scallapini? could that be it?

Then this morning I was typing up some notes for tonight's midterm. The radio was on in the background and Brandi was making some blueberry muffins. You Belong With Me by Talor Swift came on the radio. I was ignoring it because it is not my favorite song. Brandi said, "They sure play this song a lot." and then started singing it in that silly make fun of the song voice that she and I use when this song comes on.

Then the second verse starts:

Walkin the streets with you in your worn out jeans

But because Taylor Swift doesn't always enunciate her words but slurs them together, Brandi doesn't understand what she says. So right after Taylor sings the above line Brandi says:
"Mom, what are one eyed jeans?"

I laughed for 5 minutes!

Chicken Scallopini


floured chicken strips, turkey bacon chunks, artichoke hearts, capers, mushrooms, onions

Serve over angel hair pasta. Top with

Lemon Butter Sauce

1/4 cup white grape juice

1/2 TBSP onion or garlic powder

1/2 tsp salt

2 tps lemon juice

1/4 cup melted butter

2 TBSP Veganaise (I like this one and you can find it at the grocery store)

3 cups water + 1/4 cup flour

1/2 cup coconut milk or rice milk (I use coconut milk- find it in the Asian section of the store- it comes in a can like canned milk)

Minced green onion, chives or parsley

Combine all ingredients with a hand blender. Simmer until thick and serve over pasta.

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Cami said...

Lol! That was great! Reminds me of a day not too long ago when a song came on the radio and Christopher exclaimed, "Oh! Turn it up! It's the Crying Chinese People song." I said, "What?" He said, "You know! the one that says, when you and I clied?" The song is When You and I Collide. I chuckle every time I hear it now. Aren't we lucky to have them around to make us gut laugh once in awhile? And coconut milk? Rice milk? Holy cow. You're really going after it 100% Good for you! I don't know if I could drink rice or soy milk. Then again, I've never tried either. But the sauce sounds excellent. Maybe I'll give it a whirl next week while my kids are in Florida. Mom is much more willing to try new things! :)

Sandra said...

I'm still laughing over the jeans. ;)

And as for the food? You know the saying "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired"? Well I am. I am going to be healthy and well if it kills me!!

L.Jo said...

Wouldn't that defeat the purpose? :-P

Sandra said...

Maybe, but either way I will no longer be sick and tired!

Noelle said...

I'm laughing too...thanks!

Karlene said...


I'll have to tell you about a song and Chris, but can't post it here. It's too, uhm, embarrassing (but funny)