Monday, June 29, 2009

Jumbled post

*I dreamed I was coaching Brandi's soccer team. That was weird.

*I started a new exercise program today. I used to dance. Every. single. day. This morning I felt like a 5th grade boy in ballet class. And I was glad that there was no one to see me look so stupid.

*My ankle on my right leg is hurting now. I tore all the ligaments and tendons to shreds when I broke my foot a few years ago. I don't know how to help them be strong again. Any new workout is painful for a few weeks.

*I can't take pain killers anymore. They mess with my kidney's creatin levels and my rheumatologist makes me have my blood drawn over and over. But that is better than the alternative.

*The boys are gone at scout camp. They left Saturday and will be home late, late Wednesday.

*My house is quiet. And clean. No dishes in the sink. No laundry piled. No dirt on the floor. I even managed to get all of the cupboards scrubbed off, floor mopped, dusting and vacumming done and there is nothing piled on my table, or in my front entry, or on the table behind the couch. And there are no random dishes in the family room or the office. I think there is a corelation between this and the above fact.

*The girls and I are going to Los Hermanos for lunch.

*When I come home I am rearranging the office.

*Urban Botanic's financial backer pulled funding so we are having to close. If you were thinking you might want to have a party, or get a refill or something new do it before July 31. I will have stuff after that, but I can't guarentee that I will have what you need in stock.

I am reading Home by Marilynne Robinson and it is slow going. It is a good book, but she mostly tells you the story and there are no chapter breaks, so I find a place and stop. But it is still a slow read for some reason. I have read 2-3 other books since I started this one. I checked it out of the library and had to renew it, so if you want to read it do it when you have 1-2 days to do nothing but read. Amazon has it as released this coming Sept., but it is the paperback version.

*I watched a couple of movies this weekend- uninterrupted by Mom, Mom, Mom. I watched:

-Congo- not worth my time sorry I wasted it,

-Journey to the Center of the Earth with Brenden Fraiser and enjoyed it

-City of Ember another good movie. It did remind of The Giver in spots, though.

*I am looking for a good place to purchase unfinished wood bangle bracelets. No one in this county has any so I am going to have to purchase them online. I just wish I could find a good bulk price.

*I need to can these cherries before they go bad. Better get on that as soon as I get back.

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Cami said...

Wow. Wish my house was that clean. I'm certainly glad that our noise level has increased some though....I've been missing my kids terribly while they've been gone. If you want to read a really, really good book, try Gilead by Marilynne Robinson and was written before Home. It also won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in fiction. Very worth reading, should you have the time. Which you just might. Cuz your kids are gone. :) Cami

tawnya said...

*Mmmm. Los Hermanos. Provo may be hell, but there's some good eatin going on there.

*I think I saw wooden bangles at Hobby Lobby this weekend.

Karlene said...

There's a bead shop at 6054 S State St in Midvale, HEART BEADS. Their website doesn't show it, but they have beads and charms galore. I think I've seen wooden ones there.