Monday, June 1, 2009

Soccer Camp

Today was the first day of soccer camp for Brandi. We got there, got her t-shirt and a pleasant surprise. She also got her own soccer ball to use and keep. She choose a blue one with a silver swoosh design. After putting her shirt on and writing her name on her ball she headed over to the coaches.

To start the day off and get everyone limbered up and running, they played a game called Wipe Out. Everyone needed to defend their own ball and at the same time kick someone else's ball out of the circle marked by cones. If your ball was kicked out of the circle you had to dribble your ball around another circle of cones and back into the ball circle.

Brandi was pretty good at defending her ball. She got coach Ben's ball out three different times and was happy about that.

We had to leave practice 1/2 an hour early, though. As the day wore on I noticed that Brandi was not participating as much as is usual for her. The coaches would ask the kids to do something and she would do it once or twice and then stop and watch everyone else. That is not like her at all. After the first water break she came to me and told me that she had a pain in her stomach. It was hot and I assumed that she drank her water to fast. About 1/2 hour after that she came over to me again. This time she was crying and told me that she needed to throw up. So I took her home. She ran to the bathroom and was sick. She spent the day resting on her bed. I have made sure she drank plenty of fluids the rest of the day and she is doing better tonight so hopefully she can have a better day at camp tomorrow.

Playing Wipe out
Dribbling around the circle to get back into the game

Defending her ball from coach Ben and another player

Listening to Coach Derek give instructions

Learning to juggle using her knees

I can't remember what this technique is called.
They have to roll the ball to the side with the foot

More moving the ball


I think this is the toe taps.
We left right after this
She'll have plenty of things to practice and work on this summer
when she is not cleaning her room, practicing the piano or playing with friends.

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David G. Woolley said...

Well done Brandi. The last two photos are called a step over. The ones before that are called a sole roll.

The woman who started the PG summer soccer camp had two sons who were Rangers. She used to come over to our fields and we'd help her design some of their camps session. Then her sons began directing them and then they passed the torch to others. Looks like they are still doing some of those little foot drill workouts.

Well done both of you.

Sandra said...

She had a better day today. I missed most of practice because I had an appt. in SLC so Ethan had to take her down. But I was there for the last 30 minutes and got to watch them play a game. I have no idea what was going on, but I am bound and determined to figure this game out.

I asked the coach afterwards how Brandi was doing and he did tell me that she shows some promise, so that is good. Because I know nothing about the game I have no way to judge how she is doing, how she should be doing etc.

So far she is having fun and she just asked me to sign her up for League play, so that is a good sign. And right now I want it to be fun.

Thanks for commenting. I knew you would know the names of the techniques. How is the book coming? You have been silent for about a month now. I assume that you are hard at work getting the mss. ready for a final edit and shipping to the printer? Will you have a preview at LDSBA again this year? I'll come by and see you if you do.